Escape to Edinburgh, Scotland’s stunning capital this Autumn.

Are you contemplating a journey to Edinburgh this Spring? Prepare to be captivated by the city’s breathtaking beauty as it transforms into a dazzling spectacle during the autumn season. Edinburgh dons its finest attire, painting its parks with a palette of vibrant hues – from radiant yellows to fiery oranges and rich reds – creating a mesmerising tapestry that enchants the senses.

As the summer crowds dissipate after July and August, autumn in Edinburgh offers a tranquil escape, allowing for unhurried exploration of its charming streets and historic landmarks. Embrace the peaceful ambience as you wander through the city’s winding alleys and majestic gardens, basking in the crisp air and the soothing rustle of fallen leaves.

But there’s more to Edinburgh in autumn than just scenic beauty. Delve into the city’s eerie past and uncover its haunted tales as Halloween approaches. Edinburgh holds a storied reputation as one of the world’s most haunted cities, inviting brave souls to explore its dark alleys and hidden corners, where ghostly whispers linger and mysteries await to be unravelled.

With its stunning landscapes, serene ambience, and spine-tingling history, Edinburgh beckons travellers to experience the magic of autumn in this enchanting city. Whether you seek nature’s splendour or a brush with the supernatural, Edinburgh promises an unforgettable journey that will leave you spellbound.

Modern Serviced Apartments in the Heart of Edinburgh

Perfectly located in the heart of Edinburgh the Holyrood Aparthotel provides spacious modern serviced apartments that are ideal for both short and long stays. All of our apartments are designed to offer a light, contemporary style with ample clean uncluttered living areas.

The Holyrood Aparthotel sits conveniently in Edinburgh’s Old Town, on the foot of the Royal Mile. We are a short walk from Waverley Train Station as well as Edinburgh’s most iconic attractions and landmarks such as Edinburgh Castle, Arthur’s Seat, Holyrood Palace, Princes Street, and Carlton Hill to name just a few. The Royal Mile is home to some of the cities most well know independent retailers, cafes, restaurants, and bars.


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what’s on in Edinburgh this September | Autumn Breaks

Our Guide to Edinburgh this Autumn

As September draws to a close, a crisp morning breeze invigorates the air, signaling the arrival of the enchanting spooky season in mid-October. Fall in Edinburgh holds a special place in our hearts! Our comprehensive guide to experiencing autumn in this beautiful city encompasses various aspects. Discover what to anticipate in terms of weather, a curated packing list, popular activities, delectable seasonal culinary delights from local restaurants, standout events in September and October, picture-perfect spots showcasing Edinburgh’s natural beauty and festive decorations, as well as delightful day trips to witness Scotland’s autumn foliage at its finest.

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