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Global warming is having a significant effect on our health, climate, and environment. The Holyrood Aparthotel recognises that it is our responsibility to act in the most environmentally considerate manner throughout the operation of our business so that we can ensure we are proactively promoting and contributing to a more positive future for our planet and generations to come. We strive to offer the best service possible to our customers at the highest of standards at all times and want to do so without compromising our environmental, and social values. To ensure we can provide a service that reflects these values we continuously seek to improve how our business practices can be environmentally sustainable. Our core values are to provide a positive impact to the societies in which we operate through high-quality services, economic growth, environmental protection, community involvement and employment.

We are working with both Green Tourism and Energy & Environment Alliance

In order to adhere to these principles, we endeavour to do the following

Comply with all applicable environmental laws, statutes, and regulations.

Minimise waste consumption by continuously evaluating our operations and ensuring they are as efficient and environmentally considerate as possible.

Continuously looking to educate ourselves and working further with partners and our community to learn how we can support each other.

Create environmental awareness among our employees, customers suppliers and the communities in which we operate.

Minimise energy and water within our building and seek ways to run more energy efficiently in order to conserve supplies and minimise our energy consumption.

Actively promote recycling both internally, with customers, the community and our suppliers.

As far as possible source products and services from local suppliers which share the same environmental values and have products and services which have the least impact on the environment.

Ensure that we integrate the consideration of environmental concerns and impact into our decision-making throughout our company.


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